The Bloodsails

Leader: Prince Shaen Tasil (LE female elf cleric 7 [Blood of Vol])

Seat: Port Cairn, Farlnen

The Bloodsails are said to be made up of Elven exiles from the land of Aerenal who migrated to Farlnen many thousands of years ago.

The elves brought extensive knowledge of magic, archery, and woodworking to the Principalities; Bloodsail ships are some of the finest in the Lhazaar fleets. While the elves are interested in all fields of arcane knowledge, necromancy is especially important to them; every Bloodsail captain has at least one level in wizard (necromancer) or cleric (Blood of Vol). Farlnen is a center for the worship of the Blood of Vol, and almost all of the Bloodsails follow this faith. During the war, the Bloodsails served as privateers for Karrnath. This changed when King Kaius III denounced the Order of the Emerald Claw, and today the Bloodsails often raid Karrnathi ships and villages. Recently, the Bloodsails have formed an alliance with the Diresharks of Point Verge.

The Bloodsails are one of the most stable principalities, and Prince Shaen Tasil has ruled for over a century. Shaen is cool and calculating; she has no interest in holding the position of high prince, but she keeps a close eye on political struggles and has often served as a mediator. The previous leader was Prince Moren; according to legend, Moren was cursed for his dark practices and now sails the Bitter Sea in a ship of bones.

The Bloodsails currently possess seven ships. Tales say that they dye their dark sails with the blood of their victims — but this could be a story spread to inspire terror.

The Bloodsails are largely lawful or evil elves, with a few humans, half-elves, and changelings spread throughout the populace. While most Bloodsail sailors are warriors, rogues, or swashbucklers, a significant number of clerics and wizards live in the principality.

The Bloodsails

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