You live in the Lhazaar Principalities, a band of small kingdoms and islands that stretch across the eastern coast of the continent of Khorvaire, on Eberron.  These lands are the source of many sinister tales; living in the long shadow, one can easily imagine ghost ships prowling the waters and lich-lords hiding in the mountains.

The Principalities are lands of contrast. In the south, steaming jungles cover the Lhazaar islands; the land is home to deadly dinosaurs, and colossal sea serpents are said to lurk beneath the waves.  Whilst the islands northeast of the Hoarfrost Mountains are dark and cold, the winters  long and the sun seems a rare visitor.  From the frigid north to the southern tropics, these are hard lands that produce hard people.

From humble beginnings, you arise. How will your decisions shape your life and the world around you? How will you forge your Destiny? 

The Islands of Gold

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